2014 Week 11 NFL Picks: 5* Niners -3.5 #freenflpicks #nflpick

[49ers/GIANTS] While it kills me to say it, it is hard to resist a Niners team that is 10-3-2 ATS in their last 15 Road games.  Although the Niners have been outscored by nearly 1 point per game this season, the Giants have been outscored by nearly 6; outscored by an average of nearly 13 points per game in giong 1-4 ATS in their last five games.  This game is a long way from the Giants big upset back in 2012 in San Francisco.  While the Niners offense has struggled in powering only 343 yards per game, the Giants continued battle with injuries and 27th ranked defense allowing over 400 yards per game should provide them plenty of opportunities.

2014 Week 10 NFL Picks: 5* Steelers -3.5, 4* CARDINALS -7 #freenflpicks #nflpick

[Steelers/JETS]  Having started off slowly, the Steelers have powered over 414 yards per game in their last five games in rolling up 4 of 5 wins ATS.  Roethlisberger powering 315 yards per game through the air during the run as his rating has quietly powered up to 110.6.   The Jets, 1-7-1 ATS in their last nine games, are averaging only 15 points per game in their last five game in being outscored by over 16 points per game; they simply do not seem to have what it takes to trap the Steelers in New York.  Relying on its rushing defense to stay in games, look for the Jets to struggle under the weight of the Steelers passing attack.

[Rams/CARDINALS] Although the Rams have some exciting recent performance, it is too hard to resist the Cardinals in front of their home crowd.  2-5 ATS in their last seven games, outscored by nearly 9 points per game, Davis, 87.8 rating will struggle with a Cardinals defense that is shutting down opposing rushing attacks.  2-0 ATS in their last two matchups with St. Louis, including a 20 point margin of victory in their last battle in Arizona, look for the Cardinals, 4-1 ATS in their last five games to down the Rams.

2014 Week 7 NFL Picks: 5* Browns -4, 4* CHARGERS -3 #freenflpicks #nflpick

[Browns/JAGUARS]  It is impossible to resist a streaking Browns team that is facing a JAGUARS team that has been outscored by nearly 18 points per game in their last five games.  The Jaguars opening the game 1-8-1 ATS in their last ten home games, and 1-7-1 ATS in their last nine games.  The Browns arriving 3-1-1 ATS in their last five games are averaging nearly 30 points per game.

[Chiefs/CHARGERS ] Zapped again by the Raiders, the CHARGERS return home to face the struggling Chiefs.  While the Chiefs have taken three out of their last five games ATS, the Chargers arrive powering over 396 yards per game in their last five games.  Although the Chargers have continued to struggle on the ground, they arrive outscoring their opponents by nearly 12 points per game.  Having not seen a spread this low in their matchups in last five years, look for the Chargers to continue their 5-0 run SU versus the Chiefs in San Diego.



2014 Week 5 NFL Picks: 5* Broncos -9.5, 4* Chargers -7 #freenflpicks #nflpick

[Broncos/JETS]  Having found our first big win in San Diego last week, it is difficult not to head to New York this week.  Even with the spread seeming to rise like a IPO, it is simply too hard to resist going against a Jets team with a quarterback controversy stemming from an average quarterback rating of 66.5i  While its defense is only allowing 320 yards per game, the are also allowing a 47.3 3rd down percentage.  Outscored by nearly 10 points in their last 5 games in managing only 15.8 points per game, the Broncos, who arrive outscoring their opponents by nearly 9 points on nearly 400 yards per game in their last 5 do not appear ready to fall in a trap given that they are led by Manning, 109.  While the Broncos rushing attack has struggled, and are 1-4 ATS in their last five games, look Denver to head to to the air to continue the Jets run of 0-4-1 ATS in their last five games.

[Chargers/RAIDERS] Over the years, there have been plenty of stumbles for the Chargers in Oakland stadium.  Times were different, and the Raiders were not 0-5 ATS in their last five Home games, and not 2-6 ATS in their last 8 games.  While the Chargers are only averaging 347 yards per game, they are the hottest team ATS at the moment at 5-0 ATS in outscoring their opponents by 14 points per game. With their quarterbacks averaging only 72.9 rating, they powering only 12.8 points per game in their last five games.  There is no mystery here that Rivers, 116.3 rating will head to the air.  The only mystery is how the Raiders can try to stop it.

2014 Week 2 NFL Picks: 5* Seahawks -3.5, 4* BRONCOS -13 #freenflpicks #nflpick

[Seahawks/CHARGERS] Week 2 is always the week that we find out who is for real.   I am one that believes that the Seahawks are for real. Look for the CHARGERS rushing attack, that only powered 52 rushing yards in Arizona, to find little traction versus a Seahawks defense that allowed only 80 yards in its opener.  Particularly troubling for the Chargers is their defense is facing off with Wilson,  110.9 rating, after allowing over 400 yards in its opener.  The recent undefeated 0-4-1 historic record against the Seahawks will definitely be on their mind.

[Chiefs/BRONCOS] After getting blown out in Week 1, the Chiefs arrive as 13 point Underdogs; the largest spread over the last decade.  After an outstanding Week 1 performance, it is simply too hard to resist taking a BRONCOS team versus a injury-ridden Chiefs defense that allowed over 400 yards at Home in Week 1.  Manning powering a 111.9 rating it their opener by averaging over 12 yards per catch to all his leading receivers. Having lost by 35 points and 20 points in two of their last four visits to Denver, look for the Broncos’ stingy rushing defense that allowed only 54 yards in its opener to hold Charles down again, and turn their recent 1-4 record ATS around.




2013 Week 17 5* NFL Pick: STEELERS -9 4* SAINTS -11

[Browns/STEELERS] Their first matchup lead the Browns and Steelers in opposite directions for the last quarter of the season. Winning by 16 points, the Steelers have gone 4-1 ATS in their last five games, and the Browns 1-4 ATS. With an outside chance at the playoffs, the home crowd will in rare form. Look for the Steelers defense, who held the Browns to only 2.5 yards per rush to stand tall again. With their own offense powering only 3.5 yards per rush, look for Roethlisberger, 93.7 rating, to take to the air early.

[Buccaneers/SAINTS] Tempted by the Panthers, the Saints have more on the line today versus a Buccaneers team that has lost by an average of 16 points in their last three losses. While going 1-4 ATS in their last five games, The Bucs will face Brees, 101.8 rating, and a Saints offense that is powering 32.9 points on 439.7 yards per game at Home. 2-5 ATS on the Road the Season, the Bucs offense, that is powering only 275 yards per game, 177.1 passing yards per game on the Road, will find this too tough a mountain to climb.

2013 Week 14 5* NFL Pick: Chiefs -3 4* Seahawks +2

[Chiefs/REDSKINS] While both these teams may be on a slide going 1-4 ATS in their last five games, it is the Redskins who have their heads hanging low outscored by 7 points per game during the run. Look for the Chiefs 4th ranked defense that is still only allowing 17 ppg this season, to hold off the Redskins rushing attack. Although they have struggled themselves recently, look for the Chiefs to take advantage of the Redskins 31st ranked defense allowing 30 ppg on 374 yards per game.

[Seahawks/49ERS] It is always a gamble when two of the best teams face off, especially two teams outscoring their opponents by over 8 ppg. However, it is the Seahawks, who in allowing only 277 yards per game, are dominating their opponents by over 12 ppg. Arriving on a 4-0 run ATS versus the 49ers, including two blowout wins in their last two matchups, look for the Seahawks to rely on their 3rd ranked Road rushing attack powering over 142 yards per game to push around the struggling the Niners Home defense.

2013 Week 12 5* NFL Pick: GIANTS -2.5 4* 49ers -5.5

[Cowboys/GIANTS] Outscoring their opponents by 8 in allowing their opponents only 14.8 ppg, The Giants are 4-1 ATS in their last five games. The defense will need to slow Romo, who has powered 12 TD passes and a 117.7 rating in his last four meetings with the G Men, and a Cowboys team that is 9-3 ATS in Week 12. With its leading receivers all averaging over 14 yards per catch, look for the Giants to go to the air early against a Cowboys defense that is allowing over 313 passing yards per game.

[49ers/REDSKINS] Averaging an amazing 27.8 and 425 yards per game in the last five games, the Redskins are 2-3 ATS during the run in being outscored by nearly 6 ppg. Outscoring their opponents by 10 points per game in their last five games, look for Kaepernick, 81.8 rating, 6 yards per carry, to go for broke, and carve up a Redskins defense that is allowing nearly 390 yards per game.

2013 Week 4 5* NFL Picks: CHIEFS -3.5 4* Colts -8 #nflonedotcom

[Giants/CHIEFS] A die hard Giants fan, it pains me to write this. However, arriving 0-6 ATS on the Road, allowing 382 yards per game in 2013, Manning, 70.5 rating, will need a miracle turn around from its rushing attack, averaging only 44.3 yards per game to avoid a blow out versus the Chiefs, who are outscoring their opponents by 12 ppg on the most balanced attack in the NFL.

[Colts/JAGUARS] Could the Giant have had Bradshaw and Richardson? The Colts do. With its defense allowing only 254 total yards and forcing two turnovers in Frisco, look for the Jags, powering only 9 ppg on 230 yards per game, who are most recently 0-4 ATS in their last four games to continue their struggles versus Luck, 92.7 rating, powering 352 yards per game.

2012 Week 15 5* NFL Picks: Broncos -3, Colts +10 #nflonedotcom

No Ray Lewis. No victory. As it turns out, it is the Denver Broncos defense allowing only just over 300 yards per game and only a 32.6% third down completion percentage that is too hard to resist. Having scored over 30 points in 6 of the games during the 8 game winning streak, the Broncos offense that is powering nearly 400 yards per game is too much and too balanced an attack.

Even though the HOUSTON TEXANS have averaged 404 yards per game in their last five games, they are only powering 25 points per game. Surprisingly managing 364 yards per game, the Indianapolis Colts enter averaging 26 points per game in its last five games. With the Texans defense slipping recently, allowing over 30 points in two of its last three games, look for Luck, 74.5 rating, to avoid mistakes, and make enough big plays to keep this one close.