2013 Week 4 5* NFL Picks: CHIEFS -3.5 4* Colts -8 #nflonedotcom

[Giants/CHIEFS] A die hard Giants fan, it pains me to write this. However, arriving 0-6 ATS on the Road, allowing 382 yards per game in 2013, Manning, 70.5 rating, will need a miracle turn around from its rushing attack, averaging only 44.3 yards per game to avoid a blow out versus the Chiefs, who are outscoring their opponents by 12 ppg on the most balanced attack in the NFL.

[Colts/JAGUARS] Could the Giant have had Bradshaw and Richardson? The Colts do. With its defense allowing only 254 total yards and forcing two turnovers in Frisco, look for the Jags, powering only 9 ppg on 230 yards per game, who are most recently 0-4 ATS in their last four games to continue their struggles versus Luck, 92.7 rating, powering 352 yards per game.


2012 Week 16 5* NFL Picks: Colts -6, Giants -1.5 #nflonedotcom

While the Texans and Patriots may be too much for the Indianapolis Colts, the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS, who open today at 3-6 ATS in their last nine games are another story. Outscored by 13 points per game only 180 passing yards per game this season, there is little chance that Chiefs can make a last stand today. Averaging a league leading low of 9 points per game in their last five games, look for the Chiefs to fall behind early, and be unable to catch the balanced offense behind Luck, whose 75.5 rating on 267 passing yards per game has the Colts on a playoff run.

[Giants/RAVENS] The experts and the public in print and the on the radio have jumped all over the New York Giants, who arrive 10-3-1 ATS in their last fourteen games versus winning teams. With both of these teams stumbling lately, people favor the Giants over a Ravens squad that is 1-4 ATS in their last five games on only 180 passing yards per game. While the Giants have been anything but consistent lately, their average has matched their opponents point for point in their last five games. 4-1 ATS in their last five games after scoring less than 15 points, look for Manning, 84 rating, to take advantage of the 26th ranked Ravens defense. With Bradshaw’s fire back on the sideline, look for the Giants to be too much for a Ravens squad that is 0-6 ATS in their last six games after 1 or more losses, struggling on 3rd down with only a 35.4% completion percentage, and 0-3-1 ATS in their last four games versus winning teams.

2012 Week 15 4* NFL Picks: Giants +1 #newyorkgiantsclubhouse

If the Panthers proved anything, they proved that the ATLANTA FALCONS are already thinking playoffs; 1-4 ATS in their last five games in powering 375 yards per game. If the Redskins have done anything for the Giants, who are outscoring their last five opponents by an average of 6 points per game, it has forced them to play at their best during the stretch run. The good news for the Giants is that the Falcons have been relying on an air attack; the air continuing to be the trap that the Giants are using for victory. Ranked #1 in sacks, look for the Giants defense to pressure Ryan from the opening bell. While the passing attack remains the Giants offensive pillar, look for them to take advantage of the Falcons 25th ranked Home Rushing defense with Wilson, 5.1 yards per attempt, who is not only setting up Manning’s play action pass, but leading their special teams at top of the pack. Look for the Giants, who are averaging nearly +2 in turnovers over their last three games to capitalize on a Falcons offense that has been careless with turnovers of late for victory.

2012 Week 13 5* NFL Pick: Giants -3

With the Rams beating the Niners, it is not surprising that the experts believe that RGIII, 104.6 rating on 8.21 yards per attempt, can rebound from the Week 7 defeat. The WASHINGTON REDSKINS are on a 4-0 run ATS versus the New York Giants; the Giants last 3 point victory coming back in 2011. The challenge for RGIII has been 3rd down; the Redskins converting on only 32% of their 3rd downs in 2012. With its own defense allowing a 43.2% 3rd down percentage and nearly 400 yards per game, the Redskins 28th ranked Home passing defense will struggle to contain Manning and a Giants offense that is averaging 400 yards per game. With the Giants averaging only 315 yards in their last five games, the Giants will have to avoid the costly turnovers, specifically interceptions, that plagued them prior to their big victory versus Green Bay.

2012 Week 12 4* NFL Pick: GIANTS -2.5

While the experts and public are favoring the NEW YORK GIANTS, the Packers will push the Giants to their limit. The bad news for the Giants is that they arrive with the 28th ranked Home rushing defense. The good news for the Giants is that the Packers, 5-0 SU, 13-3 SU in their last 16 Road games, are powering the 22nd ranked Road rushing attack on only 99.4 rushing yards per game. A league best 4-1 ATS in their last five games in outscoring their opponents by 11 points per game, the Packers sport a surprisingly weak Road passing defense this year; the Giants 9th ranked Home passing attack that is averaging 279 yards per game, and has slowed over the last two weeks, will need to attack early. 1-4 ATS in their last five games at Home, avoiding the fumbles that has paralyzed their momentum and the rushing attack will be a must. Powering more than 305 yards per game that the Giants have averaged over their last five games will also be key. Lastly, allowing 3.2 sacks per game, pressuring Rodgers into a mistake, and not allowing the momentum that teams have been driving in the second quarter will be just as important.

2012 Week 10 5* NFL Pick: Giants -4

Having done so after the Eagles upset, the Giants will have another chance to bounce back. and to stretch their lead in the NFC East. With the CINCINNATI BENGALS averaging 23.6 points per game, this will be another test for the Giants defense, who continues to allow 20.6 points per game on over 375 yards per game. The good news for the Giants is that the Bengals struggle at Home; 1-4 SU, 0-4-1 ATS, in their last 5 Home games. The good news for the Giants, who are 8-1 SU in their last nine Road games, in outscoring their opponents by over 8 points per game in their last five games, is that the Bengals arrive with the 28th ranked rushing attack. This will force Dalton, 86.7 rating, to the air where the Giants continue to find their luck with key interceptions. Better news for the Giants crew is that the Bengals are powering the 25th ranked defense as well as the 25th ranked passing defense who will be on its heels from a Giants offense powering over 263 passing yards per game; sporting one of the worst second half defenses, the Bengals should find themselves giving this one away when the teams return from halftime.