2014 Week 8 NFL Picks: 5* Colts -3.5, 4* Texans -3.5 #freenflpicks #nflpick

[Colts/STEELERS] Having fallen off the wagon against in Week 7, it is impossible to resist the Colts.  The Colts arrive 5-0 ATS in their last five games in outscoring their opponents by 18 points on nearly 500 yards per game.  While the rushing attack is only averaging 86.3 rushing yards per game this season, Luck, 110.5 rating, had already powered out 19 touchdowns.  Although Roethlisberger arrives with a 96 rating himself behind an offense averaging over 380 yards per game, the Steelers have struggled versus winning teams in 2014.  This game will hinge on the Colts defense that is allowing only a 26% 3rd down percentage this season.

[Texans/TITANS] With its offense only powering 320 yards per game, the TITANS will struggle against the Texans today.  Even though their defense is allowing nearly 400 yards per game, the return of Foster, 4.9 yards per carry, has put the Texans back on the right track.  Having faced two of the NFL elite over the last three weeks, look for the Texans to run over a Titans team that arrives 0-4-1 ATS in their last five Home games, and 1-5 ATS in their last six matchups with Houston.  While both of these defenses have struggled on third down, look for the Texans to have the upper hand versus a Titans defense that is also allowing over 360 yards per game.


2012 Week 13 5* NFL Picks: Patriots -7, Texans -7 #nflonedotcom #nf

This is one of those weeks where you find out if you are ‘better late than never’ or ‘a day late, and a dollar short’. Surprising, the New England Patriots, who are averaging 43.6 points per game in their last five games, are only 3-2 ATS during the run. While Brady, 105 rating, is powering 7.84 yards per attempt with only 3 interceptions, it is the rise of the rushing attack, and Ridley’s 4.6 yards per carry that has been key. Having relied on its defense, look for Tannehill, 72.9 rating, whose Dolphis have only averaged 18.2 points per game on 96.8 rushing yards per game in its last five games to get behind early. While the Fish have played the Pats tough in New England, only once in the last five years, in 2009, were the Dolphins able to keep it close at Home.

Having struggled with the TITANS in Tennessee, Kubiak and the Houston Texans turned the tide in 2011, and are now 4-1 ATS in their last five matchups. Outscoring their opponents by nearly 11 points per game in their last five games, the Texans face a Titans team that has now fallen out of the playoff picture. While the Texans offense has been impressive, it is the defense, and their 30 sacks that continues to be stellar. Allowing only 87.5 rushing yards per game, the Texans will stop Johnson, and force the Titans to the air; most troubling for the Titans will be 3rd down where Houston is allowing only a 28.5% 3rd down completion percentage.