Is There a Curse of T.O.?

As I begin to sketch my column for Week 1, I have been hit by something. Could there now be a ‘Curse of T.O.’, reminiscent of the Curse of the Bambino? For those of you who don’t know about The Curse of the Bambino, it goes something like this…The very successful Boston Red Sox trade Babe Ruth during the 1919-1920 off season, and do not win a championship again until 2004. The New York Yankees, on the other hand, go on to be one of the greatest championship teams of all time.

The season has not even started and two freak accidents take place; The training stadium comes down with perilous results, and Tony Romo breaks up with Jessica Simpson whereby PEOPLE Magazine reports she is ‘sad, mad, and confused’. With the books favoring the Cowboys to only win 9 games, and take third in the NFC East at +275, I simply suggest fans to keep this in mind, and watch out for lightning bolts during the game.


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