Week 11 Killer NFL Trends Of The Week

Oakland Raiders/Miami Dolphins
· The Raiders are 0-7 ats (-11.7 ppg) since 1997 as a 7+ dog when they lost by 7+ points in each of their last two games.Check the SDQL here
· The Dolphins are 9-0 ats (+8.6 ppg) since 1990 as a home favorite after a game in which they had at least 150+ yards rushing.Check the SDQL here

Arizona Cardinals/Seattle Seahawks
· The Cardinals are 0-5 ats (-10.0 ppg) since december 18, 2005 when facing a team that has averaged fewer than 275 yards offense per game season-to-date.Check the SDQL here
· The Seahawks are 10-0 ats (+11.8 ppg) since december 13, 1998 when they are off a 1-3 point loss vs a non-divisional opponent.Check the SDQL here

Cleveland Browns/Buffalo Bills
· The Browns are 0-8 ats (-10.0 ppg) since 2003 as a dog vs a non-divisional opponent when they host another non-divisional opponent next week.Check the SDQL here
· The Bills are 11-0 ats (+11.6 ppg) since 1996 in the game after they visit the patriots.Check the SDQL here


2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Will you be publishing NFL picks this season? I would be interested in including them on my NFL site http://www.nfltips.org

    • Thank you for your inquiry. While I will drop you a personal note, I wanted to let you know that my Key NFL Trends and FREE NFL Picks will be available all season long at http://www.nflone.com.

      Always looking to be a leader in Sports Entertainment, we are able to provide you with a ATOM/RSS feed and/or a Twitter feed of our columns to feature on your blog. Please let us know what you prefer, and we will be happy to send you the links.

      I am available on director@nflone.com to discuss the details, and any questions about adding the feed.

      Thanks for all your time and support.

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